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The Rat
Recognised him as soon as he stepped through the door. Tony Rivera. Sporting black shades despite the 1 o'clock after midnight, soaked with all the rain in the world he looked even skinnier in his black suit. His legs were covered in mud right up to the knees - he was probably runing as hell from somebody earlier that day. Couldn't say I was surpised. His uncle was Vinnie Rivera - head-honcho of the city's mob. One of the big guys in the city. Maybe even the biggest. Even the mayor had his lips so deep in Vinnie's ass, their natural colored had turned brown. Vinnie loved his sister so much, he promised to take care for lil' Tony if something happens to her. Too bad three days later they found her decapitated in the backstreet of his restaurant. They say, that when Vinnie learned, he shot down three of his henchmen in his anger and sworned to find the guy responsible for the murder. Four years from then, he doesn't even know my name. I call it my masterpiece...
Since the tragedy Vinnie took Tony under his wing and tought him everything about the "Trade". Then gave "The Big Spot" club to him to run it. Money laundering, drug selling, hookers - the whole package. Everything went perfectly for the old Vinnie. But there was a lil' problem. Although he was fictitious business name, Tony acted like a top dog from day one.
Growing bigger he growed dummer, knоwing his uncle got his back he developed one fucked up attitude. But I guess that's what happens when you're raised on drugs with a crackwhore for a mother. Lil' Tony snorted like a pro and had slept with more girls than fuckin' Mick Jagger. It wasn't long before the cops started sniffing 'round "The Big Spot". With all the drugs around him, Tony had a habit to snap every now and then, and slit the throat of a random prostitute or wave his piece in the face of his uncle's associates. The bodycount was growin bigger. Tony turned to be a pain in the ass for almost every underground player and made it easy into everyone's shitlist. Then Kastellano got hammered. All eyes turned to Tony Rivera. Bad luck the only thing bigger than his ego was his mouth. It's not at all strange that when you have the biggest mobster for uncle u grow balls the size of King Kong's. Five-six bodyguards later Tony got scared. When you're scared you make mistakes. His mistake was to talk to the feds. By the look on his face, someone had found out...
Tony looked around the place, pulled a barstool and sat on the bar... right next to me.
- Scotch... on the rocks...
- There you go, kid. - the man behind the bar said.Than looked at him head to toe and continued. - What's your story?
- What's my story? What's my fuckin' story? I got bounty on my fuckin' head, I got the whole city on my ass, I got the feds breathin' down my neck and that's the good part, the thing that really busts my balls is that someone hired the Corelli brothers to hunt me down. The fuckin' Corelli brothers! But whatever... They don't know who they fuckin' with! I got people too! Ever heard of Vinnie Rivera! When you get on my bad side you get fucked! - he grabbed the glass and tossed it down the room.
One can easily sense his fear. The Corelli brothers were the most sadistic duo ever born. Slick to the bones, looking sharp in their black suits, rarely using more than 2 words they enjoyed killing people. Once, Sebastiano got screwed by the cubans over some guns. The Corellis went to Cuba, slaughtered all the guards of the poor bastard, took down all the members of his family in front of him starting with his 3-years old kid. Then cut his eyelids off and fed him on some sleeping pills. The gruesome game continued for five whole hours before the duo left. The paramedics took the body out in four bodybags. The Corellis could bring the pain if they wanted to. Tony Rivera knew that and he was scared out of his mind.
The door opened and Vinnie Rivera entered the bar. Wow, the Capo almost never showed up alone. There he is now - noone in the city could take a dump on the street without his permission. The same old story - Tony steps out of line and Vinnie cleans up his mess. The old mobster stood right next to me. I could kill him right there and all my problems would be solved. Of course, I would be dead by sunrise, probably hanged for my intestines on the main street of the city. No, not now...
Vinnie stepped towards the bar. Then looked at Tony and reached out his hand with practiced bravado. Tony kissed the ring on his uncle's ring finger and then bursted in emotions.
- I'm in big shit, uncle! Someone smoked that Kastellano character and framed me! People are looking for me, uncle! They dropped all my men and chased me through the streets. I almost escaped! You gotta help me! That's why I called you! Help me out!
- It's gonna be alright, Tony! My boys will take care of you!
- Thank you, uncle! I'll pay you back... I just didn't know what to do.
The door opened again. Two men entered. Both in black suits, black gloves, black shades. Both smoking cigarettes. They looked around the room.
- Nice place, mr. Corelli. - said the first one.
- Yes, it is, mr. Corelli. - answered the second.
Tony Rivera's eyes would almost poped out of their orbits.
- Someone talked to the feds, Tony. - said Vinnie with icecold expression.
Tony dropped to the ground, grabbed his uncle's leg and started crying.
- No... but you promissed... I would never talk to the feds... I'm loyal... don't do this!
Vinnie kicked him in the face. Tony's head bounced off the barstool.
- You think I can't tell a rat when I see one? I raised you, boy! And you turn snitchin on me like that? - Vinnie stomped on his head couple more times. - I'm disappointed, Tony! You disappointed me and your mother!
The Capo took out a napkin and soaked the saliva off his mouth corners. Tony was lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood with his left eye hanging out on it's nerve.
- Take care of him, boys! - said Vinnie and left out the bar.
The corelli brothers smilled and took Tony out on the streets. He was going to have big problems.
The rain outside was comming down hard...

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1. Svetlin Golemanski (MixMan)
Nigga, you have style, I'm telling you! Got me from the first sentence, damn. Fav moments:

"It's not at all strange that when you have the biggest mobster for uncle u grow balls the size of King Kong's" biggrin

"the mayor had his lips so deep in Vinnie's ass, their natural color had turned brown" biggrin

And the moment with cutting the eyelids off and feeding Sebastiano on some sleeping pills just hang me down!

I call it a little masterpiece.

Отговор: Respect right back!

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