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The Night Shift
The cop car stopped next to me. This should be him. My partner. I hopped in. He was middle aged, afroamerican, big guy, little waste on the side but he looked like he could put up quite a fight when needed.
- Officer Dwayne. - he said taking a look at me. - So you're James. You're young, I expected you to be know... experienced.
- I have a couple of years on the streets behind me. Then they put me on the desk, I guess I did a pretty good work patrolin. It's been five years since then. Never thought I'll be back so soon. As a matter of fact, I thought I'll never go back on the streets again. I'll probably need few hours to get the hang of it.
He wasn't listening at all.
- Few hours is a long time, kid. - said Dwayne looking through his side window.
He started the car and rolled down the street. I decided to play it cool from this moment on. Don't want him to think I'm soft. I'm not soft.
I looked at my watch - 00:45. One would think the hood will quiet down after midnight. Wrong, the streets were becoming alive just about now. Thugs roaming the streets, eses sitting on the stairs, drinking 40oz, hookers bending on every vehicle that slows down on them, latino music echoing from somewhere. Full-o-life neighbourhood. Didn't want to be left alone in this shit.
- So! - he said keeping his eyes on the road. - I heard you caused some trouble up in the precinct.
- Yeah, kind of. I got into a fight.
- With whom?
- With the captain.
- Wow, you really swing for the cheap seats. The cap'n you say. What for?
- I really don't want do disscuss it.
- Fine by me.
I had the feeling the whole hood is looking at me as we drove slow through it. People knew I wasn't local. I could tell from the way they were looking at me. They were not scared of me, not even from my badge. Not even from my gun. On the other side of the car it was a different story. They recognised Dwayne. It was the other way around out of his side window. The old cop looked out from the car like he owned the street, cocky, pointing his flashlight at every human looking suspicious. In the dark they all looked suspicious to me...
The hood was scared of my partner.
- I heard... - he paused, lighting a cigarette. - ...the cap'n is dirty. A lotta scum got back on dem streets because of his sell out ass.
- Yeah, one of the main reasons for the fight. It's a long story. You know what, just forget about it...
- You can talk to me, kid. We got the whole motherfuckin' night in front of us. Gimme a good story. I been out on dem streets since I was 20. I know shit. I know the cap's dirty as a motherfucker. It was about time someone kicked his ass.
- Yeah, I'm not proud.
- You should be.
- I should be, but I'm not. I didn't want to be transferred to patroling police. But they have to punish me in some kind of way. Three or four nights and I'll be back behind the desk. Before that, of course, I would testify on his ass in court.
- That's big, kid. You better watch your back. They don't transfer every cop on my street. You fucked up things pretty bad. I'm just sayin'. I been patroling for too long, I don't need promotions. This is my thing. The more you stay away from the big guys in the precinct, the better.
- Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.
- Yeah... do you remember how to use a gun?
- Sure. I'm a little rusty, but I'll manage to...
- What's your gun?
- Standart. Five-seven...
- Forget about this here, the bigger the better. Streetscum is gettin' bigger guns. The big guys just tie our fuckin hands. Nightsticks, tazers...bullshit. Give these toys to an OC Patrol. These ain't for my hood. Yesterday a crackhead pulled out a Mac10 on me. I got him first anyways. But a Mac10? Thugz get their hands on hardcore shit such as Mac10s and Tech9s, and they want me to fuckin' taze 'em. What they gonna give me next time? A fuckin' pellet gun? This is bullshit. I told you, the bigger - the better. That's why I keep a lil' sumthin' sumthin' in the trunk.
- What you got?
- That's just between me and you. I got me a Mossberg. A Mossy for the next motherfucker packin' heavy heat.
The old cop kept surprising me. Keeping a shotgun in the back of the car and using it in action was not a minor crime. He could lose his badge over some thing like this. He didn't seem to care at all. A lot of years on the force, I guess...
- So you say, you gonn' testify. Court and shit. The cap is dangerous man when cornered, kid. If I was you, I would just, you know, let it go. You might get into some deeper shit.
- He deserves to be behind bars, man. No matter what. Anyway, I can watch my back. Don't worry about me.
- You been warned, kid. Don't say I didn't warne you, 'cuz I just did.
He lighted another cigarette.
- Does anyone waits for you at home?
- I have a girl. We live together. We're not married, we just live together.
- I hear it's better this way nowadays.
- Probably. She's pregnant. Seventh month. Little nervous right now. You know, me working on the streets and stuff.
- You really stupid, kid. You have this beautiful family at home. And you go playin' miss justice on the cap's ass. You don't want the cap'n brathin' down your neck. I'd back down if I was you. He knows people. People that can do damage.
- I'll be alright.
- You know your shit. I'm just sayin'...
The radio got on.
"Dispatch here, we have two-one-one on the corner of Thirty fifth and Gerald"
- Fifty six here, we're on it.
He stepped on the pedal and drove the car towards the spot. It was time for action. My hands started sweating.
We stopped at the back of a liquor store. As I could see, two men with hoods were robbing it. They were armed. The first was watching through the window to the front street, the other got the klerk on a gunpoint, screaming something to him, while the clerk - a twenty, maybe twenty one, years old boy was scared the fuck out of his mind, putting the store money in a bag.
- We gotta get in. No time for back up.
- What you mean, no time for back up. What do you want to do? Go there and shoot on sight?
- Exactly. Look, kid, by the time the backup comes, the motherfuckers gonna kill the poor bastard and flee with the dough. I know my hood! We ain't got time for backup. We gotta take matter in our hands.
- What the fuck do you mean?
- We go in, we flash our badges and if this don't work, we shoot them down.
- I can't believe...
- OK, OK!
- That's my man! I go from the front, you go from the back. Keep your eyes on the guy with the clerk. If something goes down, you get him out of the picture, ok?
- Ok.
I opened the backdoor and got inside the store. Started walking slowly between the shelves.
- SNPD, FREEZE! - suddenly Dwayne screamed from the other side of the store.
The robbers opened fire. Dwayne was shooting too. I couldn't move from my position. I knew I had to, but I couldn't. My hands got even sweatier. I was just standing behind the shelf, away from the gunfight, as I had my concrete boots on.
A man screamed and fell down. I couldn't recognise if this was Dwayne or one of the thugs. As I was staying behind the shelf, the second robber went on my right, making a run for it. He didn't even know I was there. Just when he passed me, I managed to scream "SNPD, DROP YOUR WEAPON!", but instead of listening to me he pointed his gun at me. The time slowed up, my eyes started burning, my hand pulled the trigger. The thug fell down dead. I was standing there with my gun up and my head about to blow from the giant flow of thoughts and emotions. I felt like I was dreaming.
Dwayne came running. He ducked down to check if the guy was dead.
- Way to go, kid!
I was standing speechles.
Dwayne put a glove and picked up the robber's gun.
- Wait, isn't this a proof? - I asked.
- Yes it is. - he said with stonecold face.
Another gunshot echoed in the night. I fell down. I heard him saying "Dispatch, fifty six here, officer down, I need ambulance!". He put the robber's gun back in his cold dead hand and looked at me.
- I tried to warn you, kid. The cap'n is a dangerous man. He's got a lotta money, and I have family to take care of. It's just business kid, nothing personal. It's a damn' shame, though...
These were, in fact, the last words I heard...

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